Top 10 Health Fitness Mobile Apps

Lets start with brief

Staying in shape is the prime step for a healthy body. It automatically encounters series of ailments including blood pressure, heart diseases and cholesterol issues. Also, it has a role play in heightening muscular stamina and overall well-being. So if you are blessed enough to own a personal smartphone, there are plenty of apps that can indeed help you to achieve your fitness goals. These applications are an all-rounder and highly versatile. So let's know about them in details.

1. Fooducate

With more than 2.5 million of foods to compare, the application helps you to identify bad and good foodstuff through its amazing features. Also, it calculates the overall Calories and exercise requirements for recommending you with the element suggestions. With $4.99 $s per month, you get a personal food trainer at your disposal all the time.

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2. Endomondo

Download it from Google Play Store to get a body that looks great and admirable. It tracks your fitness performance and lets you create a personal training plan without any irritating ad pop-ups. Also, you can track your heart rate through the multifunctional application. Download it at a fee of $ 5.99 per month.

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3. Fit notes

In case you were reluctant to download a paid application, this is an alternative to keep you fit without any cost. That Taylor made app lets you initiate DIY fitness regime.

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4. Google fit

The application has been since quite a while and has helped millions of people to already fulfil their fitness goals. It covers the basics of fitness features and is absolutely the best choice for the beginners.

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5. Myfitnesspal

Available at a price of $ 9.99 per month, the fitness pal is amongst the most popular fitness application that lets you track the overall Calories and remind you what you need to do to become fit.

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6. Pokemon Go

The amazing app requires you to search for Pokemon through physical efforts. The gaming application will not track fitness activities but will make you work efficiently to lose weight.

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7. Progression Fitness Tracker

Recommended for the working professionals who do not have sufficient time to initiate exercises, the progression fitness tracker would motivate you in a particular way to become fit once again. A decent looking application is user-friendly and comes for $ 9.99

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8. RunKeeper

The virtual boatload focuses on performance tracker and it integrates several hardware to measure your overall heart rate. It supports different types of workout with a nice touch feature. So no matter whether you have been training yourself for a marathon or normally running out to become fit, RunKeeper is a wise application to store on your mobile.

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9. Lifesum

Available at $ 3.99 for a monthly subscription, the application combined the correct amount of exercise with dieting. The personalized recommendation tailor-made and requires a subscription.

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10. MyPlate Calorie Counter

Available at a monthly subscription of $ 9.99, the calorie tracker has avoided database of millions of dishes. Attract your overall calorie intake and is helpful in making you fit in a small time period.

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