Lets start with brief Staying in shape is the prime step for a healthy body. It automatically encounters series of ailments including blood pressure, heart diseases and cholesterol issues. Also, it has a role play in heightening muscular stamina and overall well-being. So if you are blessed enough to own a personal smartphone, there are plenty of apps that can indeed help you to achieve your fitness goals. These applications are an all-rounder and highly
Maximum of the people are aware of the slight difference between material and flat design. Both of them have quite a lot of similarities which vigorously confuses people. All the ones who are completely unaware of the term skeuomorphism must know that it is something that refers to something tangible. Talking about the flat design first, it is a bare minimum design which does not comprise of 3D effect. The graphics not the textures and

How can you become a UX/UI Designer?

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Choose your right career Choosing a career as a UX/UI designer has now become one of the best career options today which comes up with a pretty salary package and a lot of benefits. There is a small difference between the two; UX designers are concerned with the entire process of the products they laid a path on which the UI designers move on. The UI designers help in laying down the path of the
Mobile app User Interface design trends keep changing based on varying user needs. However, that does not mean UI design trends for mobile apps in 2018 could not be predicted. Actually, after carefully analyzing UI design trends and innovations in the past few years, we could find some laws behind and predict the possible trends that will also continue into the following 2018. Hence, here we will share top 9 UI design trends of mobile

How to Get Started in UX/UI Design?

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As most UX designers may tell you, there is no prescribed path to becoming a UX designer. Some designers may start with degrees in arts, others were trained in architecture school, while some even came from entirely different professions. Not a few designers have been broken into this field without any formal training, with a genuine empathy for others and the belief of making lives better through design. However, it’s not easy to land an

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